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Lil Durk & Lil Reese Drop Their EP “Supa Vultures”


It’s been a minute since we’ve heard a really solid collaborative project from two rappers at the top of their game. Well the wait is over with Lil Durk and Lil Reese’s new EP Supa Vultures, bringing together two of the most distinctive rappers from Chicago’s drill movement. The EP offers a tight, high-quality track list with six hot songs including the ChopsquadDJ-produced “Distance” which was released earlier this month. Their differing rap styles – Reese’s choppier rhymes and Durk hitting a melodic flow – come together over gritty beats and themes reflecting the realities of street life in Chiraq.

Both rappers experienced a fast track to fame as the drill movement picked up in 2012, and both have had to deal with personal hardships along the way. Supa Vultures speaks to that journey and how both rappers have edged out the competition to become two of Chicago’s finest exports.

You can listen to the full EP Supa Vultures from the two Opposition partners below:



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