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Watch C-Sick’s New “Behind the Beats” Video

If you’re a beats geek like us, you need to watch Opposition partner C-Sick’s new “Behind the Beat” video . The Chicago producer finally takes a quick breather from his hectic schedule to upload his first YouTube video to his channel. Shot by another Chicago native and Opposition partner, Forman Jones, the video follows C-Sick’s mental and technical process for creating music for Logic. C-Sick explains that he learned to produce music from watching videos, so consider this a lesson.

At only 26, C-Sick’s already worked with everyone from Nas, Chance the Rapper, King Louie to Torey Lanez. The video breaks down how he created the music for Logic’s 2014 song “5am” and watching how the music came together is getting us hyped for Logic’s upcoming album, Everybody. You can hear more of C-Sick’s beats as he continues his longstanding relationship with Logic for the highly anticipated album.

Checkout Logic’s tracklist for Everybody here.

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